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PV United is an all-volunteer team and club.  Your financial or in-kind donation enables us to offer the girls opportunities to pursue their soccer and higher education dreams!

Donating at the Gold Level entitles you to have your name, or the name of any individual or entity you choose to donate in honor of, placed on the Bronze Level honorarium list of this site, and any future publication or plaques.

PV United is a 501c3 nonprofit entity so your donations should be tax-deductible from your income taxes.  Upon completion of your donation, a donation receipt in the amount given will be emailed to you for your records.  Please consult your tax professionals regarding your tax deduction status.

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PV United 2006G Clinic

Coach Guerrero will be getting in touch with you regarding the clinic.

In the meantime please consider sharing the opportunity to attend the clinic with other players you know!