The USYS Far West Regional Tournament in Idaho allowed a lot of time for the girls to be together. The 10-hour road trip to Idaho let the girls bond like never before! They had freestyle battles, created tik-tok videos, caught up on school, and reviewed game film, just to name of few activities. After challenging games, the PV United 2006 Girls had a blast exploring Idaho.

There were plenty of opportunities for the girls to show other skills besides soccer. The girls went go-karting and had fun crashing into each other.  They went bowling—some players revealed that they were bowling pros… but the others…seemed to always aim for the gutter.  On the last day of the trip the girls went to Dave and Buster’s. The girls were determined to get as many tickets as possible and they used those tickets to buy an immense number of stuffed animals.

The girls also appreciated being allowed to try Crumbl Cookies for the first time. After the tough loss, the girls decided that their last night in Idaho would be spent together in one room, staying up until 4 am talking and making the most of being together.  Overall, the girls were grateful for everything they could experience in Idaho. But most importantly, the time they got to spend with their teammates, their sisters.

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