The 2006G Squad – Click on player’s name to view detailed profile

#PlayerPositionGraduation YearGoalsAssistsSavesAppearances
2Danya RodriguezForward202434025
3Melanie NuñezDefender202400026
4Daisy SánchezDefender20260005
5Maria “China” SánchezDefender202500026
7Janelle QuinteroForward2024105026
9Alondra GuerreroMidfielder202400015
11Gimena NuñezMidfielder202520026
14Alexa RuachoForward20250004
15Alessia TorrenteDefender202500022
17Anahi MaciasForward20250105
19Sophia MartelForward20242210026
20Anely FloresForward202400011
21Yasmin AvalosMidfielder202477024
23Alexa CuevasDefender202514015
27Delilah Vega AguilarMidfielder202576026
32Eleanor JohnsonGoalkeeper2024002326

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