PV United 06 girls go to pleasanton!

PV United 2006G participated in the Pleasanton Rage College Showcase in Pleasanton, CA over the weekend of July 15th – 17th.

In conjunction with being a college showcase, there were numerous college scouts in attendance and several of the players were contacted after the tournament by a diverse list of colleges.

The first match was against Legends FC out of Southern California.

The PV United 06 Girls struggled throughout the opening 15 minutes of the game. Fortunately, the girls came together and were able to make fast passes into space. All while identifying the Legends FC 06 girls’ faults and strengths, the PV Girls were able to counteract them. As a result, the game quickly turned into a 7-1 victory.

The game against Lamorinda was one of the most heated games the PV United 06G have faced. Lamorinda scored first, making the game 1-0, but PV quickly came back with a goal. This kept the parents on their toes while increasing the tension of the game. Unfortunately, Lamorinda was able to score two goals by the end of the second half. The score at the end of the first half was 3-1. When the second half whistle blew, it was clear that PV had a new level of drive. Goals were going back and forth. PV had scored a goal, making the score 3-2. Lamorinda then scored, bringing the score to 4-2. PV had scored again, making the score 4-3. Lamorinda, on the other hand, scored another goal at the end. Leaving the final score at 5-3. The game was extremely exciting and intense. The PV United 06G had a good time playing the Lamorinda 07G and hopes to play them again sometime.

PV United had its final game against Pleasonton Rage ECNL, the game started with a PV United goal by Sophia Martel. Then things didn’t go PV United’s way. Rage scored a goal to answer back making the game 1-1. In the final 10 minutes of the first half, the Rage scored 2 more goals. Second half PV United scored 3 goals to go for the win so they put an extra attacker. PV United had chances to score but couldn’t do so, Rage then went on to score one more goal, leaving the game to end as a 4-1 loss.

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